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Poultry Processing Equipment

This is the place to start your search for Poultry Processing Equipment.

We have set up our site so you can pick different equipment from start to finish and compare different pieces side by side. Some of the site is still under construction and we'll get it going, so if you have questions please call 607.334.9962 with any questions.

We have killing as the 1st option for you to pick from. So from the menu on the left click on the “Killing” category that will take you to the page that has our different kill cones and accessories. The next page will be the “Scalding” page as that is the next process in the order. From their go to “Picking” and continue through the pages.

Of course at any time you can jump to a particular page, for example if you want to information on a picker, simply go to the “Picking” page.

As always we are here to meet your needs, so give us a call and we will be glad to answer any questions. 607.334.9962

We carry poultry and chicken picking equipment for any size operation. We carry Ashley Poultry Processing Equipment, Pickwick Poultry Processing Equipment, PM Pickers, Pluckers and Scalders, and Featherman complete line. We have low cost pickers for startup operations or units that will handle 1000's of birds per hour. Take a look at our new line of Ashley Equipment and Pickwick world class processing equipment. We also carry Sipromac vacuum packers, Bonar Plastic Bins and totes and Promarks Vacuum Packers.

We carry a complete line of poultry processing equipment for the pastured poultry producer as well as commercial processing plants. Chicken pickers, chicken scalder's, kill cones, evisceration tables, etc.

We have chicken pickers from the small table tops pickers to the large 500 bird per hour pickers. Our pickers are well made and very affordable for the small and medium sized poultry picking operations.